Benefits of Our Paper Cup Machine


Our Machine is made of a rugged frame structure that weighs about 2000 kg’s resulting in less vibration and low noise levels providing an excellent operating environment. All parts are indigenous indexing gear boxes that gives accurate positioning and timing, producing consistent quality even after three years of operation. The machines life could well exceed 10 years under proper maintenance.

Motor : Sourced from top branded Indian vendors with 5 star rating

Wearing parts : All sliding and moving parts are heat treated and hardened which adds long life to the machine and quality in production with less cup rejections.

Service availability

We have branch offices in South India at Bangalore & Hyderabad and dealers in North India with well experienced and trained service engineers to provide timely service, reducing the machine downtime which results in increased productivity

Spares Availability

All spares are available at our branch offices. As our spares are from top Indian brands they could be sourced from the local market itself, helping in reduced maintenance cost.


Due to the high quality of spares and components, our machines command high resale value even after five years.

Warranty : The machine covers a warranty of one year that shows the manufacturers confidence of their product.

Special Features


Our Paper Cup machine is based on Program Logic Control(PLC) technology. With this technology complications in electrical systems are reduced that results in less rejection and wastage of paper. A host of engineering innovations incorporated in the machine ensures reliable, economical & high speed performance.

Mode of operation

The machine has two modes of operation.

1. Automatic

2. Manual

Auto sensor

The machines operation is monitored by an automatic sensor control system comprising of five sensors. The sensors continuously monitor the production process and stops the machine if the paper cup is not released, if wallpaper not present, if bottom paper is not present or if the finished paper cups are not removed beyond a specific count. This system helps in reducing the wastage and cup rejection. In the event of any malfunction during the production process, the machine will be automatically switched off. This system ensures the longevity of the machine components.